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2018’s Hottest Skincare Trends

2018’s Hottest Skincare Trends

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2017 was a big year for skincare. With great strides being made on the effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy of products and approaches, it’s exciting to see where we’re headed next. Here’s a look at the hottest trends that 2018 has in store for your skin.

A More Personalized Skincare Experience

Advancements in technology are making their way into your daily skincare regimen, but it might not be what you think. While scientists have been hard at work for decades finding the most powerful and productive nutrients to give your skin the help it needs to stay firm and healthy, everyone’s skin is different. That’s why skincare companies are starting to really hone in on consumers’ specific needs by providing more personalized beauty recommendations. From beauty-focused DNA kits that pinpoint exactly what’s ailing your skin, to augmented reality devices that let users try on different looks, the skincare industry is finding amazing new ways to give you the targeted treatments that will produce the greatest benefits.

Organic Products Are Making Headlines

Organic ingredients and products aren’t just all the rage when it comes to what you buy at the grocery store or eat at your favorite restaurant. These days, more and more people are not only concerned with what they put in their bodies, but also what they put on them as well. In reality, your skin absorbs toxins and impurities just like your digestive system does. That’s why opting for skincare products that feature natural and organic components is the best thing for your overall health. Over the last few years, there’s been a change in how consumers approach the care of their dermal tissues, and manufacturers are starting to follow suit. There are more skin revitalizers and replenishers on the market that incorporate natural ingredients, like turmeric, coconut oil, and probiotics. Even the farms and producers where manufacturers draw their ingredients are getting on the green wave with next-generation agricultural practices that depend more on streamlined farm-management technologies to lessen their environmental impact and sustainable ingredient-sourcing.

Male Skincare Is on the Rise

Despite popular perception, it’s not just women who care about the way they look. While it’s not discussed nearly as much, an increasing number of guys are getting on the skincare bandwagon these days. And with a growing presence in the beauty industry, men are starting to feel more comfortable enhancing their appearance with beauty products and cosmetic procedures. And we’re not just talking about traditional grooming offerings like shaving products or hair loss treatments. Many companies are specifically targeting men and gender-fluid customers. “Boy beauty” and gender-neutral products are gaining in popularity due to the fact that these groups are looking for more subtle and tasteful ways to enhance their appearance.

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