Safe & Effective Way to Get Allergy Treatment at Home

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What Are Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), is a non-invasive allergy treatment administered via liquid drops placed beneath the tongue. The drops work by mixing the specific allergens you are allergic to and using them to build immunity or tolerance to your allergic triggers. The drops help to achieve similar benefits to those of allergy shots.


  • Treatments are performed at home; miss less time from work and school.
  • Painless and injection-free
  • Safe and effective for children and adults
  • Great for seasonal and perennial (all year long) allergies
  • Reduces the need for other allergy medications
  • Affordable

Who Should Consider Allergy Drops?

Before recommending any form of allergy treatment, our Tennessee allergy team will meet with you or your child for a personalized consultation. Allergy testing is often necessary to determine the specific cause of your allergic reactions, as well as which allergy treatment is best for your unique case.

Allergy drops are a safe and convenient treatment that can be performed from the comfort of your own home—with only 1-2 office visits per year; you will no longer need to take time off work or school on a regular basis. This form of allergy treatment is completely safe for anyone from children as young as 4 years old to seniors. Dr. Sullivan also recommends allergy drops as a great option for his allergy patients with a fear of needles or who have not been able to tolerate allergy shots.

We also recommend allergy drops to our patients who struggle with seasonal allergies, such as pollen. Typically, when dealing with seasonal allergies, we will begin allergy drop treatments several weeks before the symptoms normally start.

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Are There Any Side Effects to Using Allergy Drops?

Possible side effects of allergy drops include mild itching or burning of the lip or mouth. This will typically fade quickly and should not cause any alarm. Less common side effects may include a runny nose or upset stomach. More severe allergic reactions are extremely rare and can be avoided by consulting with a professional allergy specialist, such as Skin & Allergy Center’s own Sheri Chapman, Kelly Taylor, and Robbin Miller before starting treatment. Our allergy specialists are highly trained and able to personalize each patient’s individual allergy treatments to meet his or her unique needs and conditions.

Getting Started With Allergy Drops

Take control of your allergies and contact Skin & Allergy Center to discuss your own allergy treatment with allergy drops. All of our allergy drop treatments begin with an in-office visit for personalized allergy testing and a consultation with one of our Tennessee allergy specialists. Allergy drop treatments are performed at home, allowing you to live comfortably and enjoy the things you love doing without being bothered by allergies or having to worry about regular office visits.

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