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It’s Allergy Season! Don’t Let Yours Hold You Back

It’s Allergy Season! Don’t Let Yours Hold You Back

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Spring is in full-force and the sun is back strong, which—for many allergy sufferers—is not always the best news. The worst thing about the sun coming out is not being able to enjoy it because of those annoying allergy symptoms. The sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes can all get in the way of your life, making it nearly impossible to comfortably do something as simple as go outside for a walk—much less a hike by the river or playing with the kids at the park.

It’s time to teach your allergies whose boss with allergy drop treatments now available at Tennessee’s Skin & Allergy Center.

Finally, an at-home solution for allergies that works

Anyone who struggles with allergies—whether seasonal or perennial (year-long)—has likely tried just about every product available on the shelves of department stores. For many, the end result is often the same: short-term relief (if any) before the symptoms act up again. Why? Not only do these products lack some key ingredients, but they are designed for the masses—not for your specific symptoms and allergens.

At the Skin & Allergy Center, we offer allergy drop treatments that are personalized for each individual. Also known as sublingual immunotherapy (or SLIT), this involves the placement of liquid drops beneath the tongue that you can administer from the comfort of your own home. Unlike the products you can purchase on the shelves of department stores, your allergy drop treatment will be customized based on your specific allergens.

Our Tennessee allergy specialists, Dr. Ryan Sullivan and Dr. Susan Higgins, will speak with you during a private consultation and perform professional allergy tests to determine the best approach for your individual treatment. Once the specific allergens and triggers have been identified, they will formulate a unique liquid mix designed to build immunity and tolerance over time—a similar method to allergy shots, but without the regular office visits and injections.

Simply place the allergy drops beneath your tongue daily and get back to enjoying life. It’s simple, safe, and effective.

Take control of your allergies and enjoy the Tennessee sunshine without worrying about sneezing and itching! Contact the Skin & Allergy Center at one of our three convenient Tennessee locations in Columbia, Murfreesboro, and Spring Hill to schedule a private consultation with a member of our professional allergy team.

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