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Vaginal Rejuvenation: The diVa™ Difference

Vaginal Rejuvenation: The diVa™ Difference

Vaginal Rejuvenation: The diVa™ Difference

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t have to mean vaginal surgery. Gone are the days when the only option to revitalize yourself after major events like childbirth and menopause was to go under the knife. Innovations in laser science have now made it easier for women to quickly restore healthy vaginal function without the need for surgery or downtime. diVa’s hybrid fractional laser technology allows for a comfortable and personalized experience—and many of our clients at the Skin & Allergy Center are starting to notice the diVa difference!

What Brings You Here?

Do you experience vaginal looseness, dryness, itching, discomfort, stress urinary incontinence, and/or pain during sex? Those are all common symptoms that diVa can address. The laser therapy used in diVa is designed to revitalize your internal vaginal walls and increase thickness and elasticity to the tissue. It does this by delivering two laser therapies simultaneously—the first laser coats the vaginal wall with healthy, rejuvenated tissue, while the second laser warms the tissue to stimulate collagen growth within, creating tightness. diVa can help to increase blood flow and moisture, while decreasing stress urinary incontinence. It can also improve orgasm and overall sensitivity.

How Does diVa Stack Up?

So, what about vaginal rejuvenation through surgery? While it certainly is an effective way at restoring the area, it’s a much more complicated process that requires anesthesia and surgery to tighten and restore optimal health to the vagina. Then there’s the after effects like soreness, pain medications, and the potentially long recovery period, which makes vaginal rejuvenation with surgery an unattractive option for many women.

On the other hand, diVa is a non-invasive way to give you back your confidence and have you feeling refreshed. It’s a quick and relatively painless procedure with virtually no downtime or recovery period needed. Now, you can have the gain without the pain!

Just a Pit Stop

With diVa, you don’t have to take a huge chunk of time out of your schedule just to fit in an appointment. diVa takes just three to five minutes per treatment session in the privacy of one of our Tennessee offices. That’s it! While it might not be as quick as your morning coffee, you’ll be back to your day in no time.

Start your diVa Journey Today with Dr. Robb at Tennessee’s Skin & Allergy Center

Our team at the Skin & Allergy Center is here to help you reach all of your vaginal rejuvenation goals. Let Dr. Robb guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. He is committed to making all of his clients feel confident and comfortable throughout all of the procedures he and his qualified staff offer.

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