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    Identify Skin Conditions
    Early Cancer Detection

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Safeguard Your Health With Skin Checks

Concerned about your skin health? Afraid of your risk for skin cancer? If you believe you’re at risk of cancer due to genetics or regular sun exposure, there’s no better tool for peace of mind than regular skin checks with a certified dermatologist.

Early detection is crucial in treating skin cancer, so it’s essential you schedule a regular skin check in Nashville. Skin checks at the Skin & Allergy Center are an important part of being proactive in maintaining healthy skin.

Our dermatologists specialize in identifying and treating a wide range of skin conditions, including skin cancer. During a skin check appointment, our skilled providers will carefully examine your skin for any signs of abnormal growths, moles, or lesions.

Skin Check Benefits

  • Allows for Early Detection

  • Fast & Effective Testing

  • Give You Peace of Mind

What Treatment Is Right For Me?

Unsure where to begin your skin care journey? Our virtual assessment tool allows you to input your concerns and determines which treatments will best meet your needs.

Cosmetic Assessment Tool

How Skin Checks Work

We offer comprehensive skin checks to help detect and prevent skin cancer.

Our experienced dermatologists and skin experts will examine your skin checking for any suspicious moles, lesions, or growths that may be signs of skin cancer.  If we find any suspicious spots, we will recommend a biopsy, which involves removing a small sample of the skin for further testing in our state of the art laboratory.

We recommend annual skin checks for everyone, especially those with a family history of skin cancer, a personal history of sun damage, or a history of melanoma.

By detecting and treating skin cancer early, we can help ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

Why Skin & Allergy Center?

Skin & Allergy Center sets the bar for skin care in the Nashville metro area. We prioritize patient-centered care and utilize the latest technology and advanced treatments to provide exceptional service for a wide range of medical and cosmetic skin conditions, allergies, and asthma.

With a focus on compassion, innovation, and quality care, you can depend on the Skin & Allergy Center team to provide you with the specialized treatment you need to look better, feel better, and live better.

With state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centered approach, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful skin & healthy bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Checks

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